Mcdonough, Georgia
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I literally lost mkst of all my cars bennys originsls super cars logged on one day and they were gone. I called complained nothing was ever done about it.

I also like millions of others did the hanger glitch because like anyone who plays gta online and loves it as i do then youve invested quite a bit of time and literal money into this gayme. I understand them taking the money out of my account i guess i mean the average lil guy finally gets a chance to accumulate some wealth by a easy glitch and the greeedy worms hsve to still take it back. I mean its not like theyre billionaires or anything wtf do they care about a few hundred million in gane not real money being gained by the little guy just trying to make it. Iv played every gta game thays ever beenreleased bought most on release date.

Gta 3 hooked metho.i guess my point is is that even though they make great games they are some really greeedy low life pos.

F Rockstar used to be my fsvorite game company but gta online has shown Retardstar for who they truely are. Pigs

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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