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Wanting to know if there is any way to prove that I had bought my pegassi oppressor Mrk 2 and now it's missing and that if you look at my gta transaction logs that I indeed did not sell my oppressor it just disappeared from my garage/terrobyte. I’ve heard you guys say you don’t have proof from time to time about stuff like this and I don’t want that happening to me because of course I myself don’t have proof but if there’s some way for you guys to look at my gta transaction logs you’ll clearly see where I had bought my pegassi MRK 2 oppressor and that there’s no transaction saying I ever sold it because I didn’t it disappeared from my garage and all my other properties didn’t have it, whenever I ordered a motorcycle off of legendary motor sports And brought it to my penthouse garage where my oppressor was and my garage was full so it gave me the option to replace a vehicle and never specified which vehicle so I didn’t know which one it was trying to replace it with.. After I had realized my oppressor was completely gone and that I had tired literally everything possibly in my power to try to find where it went I decided to contact you guys because my oppressor is legit gone and my terrobyte is acting like I never had an oppressor in the first place which is clearly wrong because the most expensive thing I bought on this game so far was the Pegassi MRK 2 oppressor, I didn’t have a nightclub when I bought it so I had to pay the full 3,890,000 GTA dollars for it back when I first bought it and I don’t even mind if I don’t get a 4 million refund, I just want enough to buy back Another one which they are currently on sale for right under 2,000,000 GTA dollars right now, or Atleast give me back my old oppressor I lost yesterday..

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Rockstar Games Pros: Good games to play, Fun games.

Rockstar Games Cons: Iffy customer service though.

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