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I was waiting for today which is September 18th 2021 if you want to purchase the megalodon shark card that was the deadline date the price was $85 for the megalodon shark card and we as players were supposed to get a 6.6 million dollar bonus for the megalodon shark card purchase, but for some unknown reason the deal went away and was no longer available which i have the cash and would love to take rockstar up on there offer. I had a friend and showed him the deal and he was able to purchase the card.

I had to wait until i got home to grab my debit card by then for some unknown reason the offer was no longer available.

Rockstar should stand behind there offer that would be and honest thing to do thank you for your time. eranagaiiavailable longer avanger et by

User's recommendation: I have none.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rockstar Games Pros: Social interaction, Great gameplay, Loved playing the game, Great story lines.

Rockstar Games Cons: Cant speak with anyone live about issues.

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