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If there was a law where , if the customer wasn't happy with the game in the first 30 days or even 15 days , you could return the game and get full refund , this kind of crap wouldn't happen because rockstar would have to put out a good product or suffer the consequences and lose alot of money , thats why they have it set up to there benefit where once you open the package you cant return it, if they were forced to have to take it back if it wasn't damaged , they would have to put out a good product but they can put out a *** product and use the first RDR game as a selling point because it was a great game but RDR 2 is a piece of crap, nothing in the game works smooth , the game is so slow and robotic , if you try to put a hide on the horse it has to step exactly perfectly in the exact right spot to put it on the horse , if that aint robotic, i dont know what is, there is so much wrong with this game i could go on and on with it but its a waste of my time and it would take a very long time doing so, so ill list a few , besides the stuff i already did, number 1 , making a horse run into a tree or building or other crap is so ignorant it is unbelievable , if the programmers knew anything about horses , you can not make a horse run into anything , it will go around or stop, the horses are obviously smarter than the programmers and who ever made the horses *** and *** constantly must be either 10 years old or just sick individuals , and you cant do 2 things at once like skin a small animal or pluck a bird and walk at the same time, i guess you cant do that in real life lol , this game is a joke , the only way to fix this game is give me back my 100 dollars because you ripped me off you greedy low lifes........

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