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When do I get my money

There was a message on the load in screen that says you've been selected and I get $6,400,000 bonus cash in GTA5 online in 72 hours but it has been four days and I still haven't received the money so will I ever receive it

Edward Burton

Your question is quite specific It is better to consult Rockstar Games customer service via email


Can I have a refund on my two Pegasus vehicles

Xbox one and my gamer tag is RIP Napalm

Edward Burton

According to Rockstar Games warranty information, if for any reason you find defects in the Storage Media, or if you are unable to install the software on your home or portable computer, you may return the software and all accompanying materials to the place you obtained it for a full refund. This limited warranty does not apply if you have damaged the software by accident or abuse.


Is online servers down

Me and my friend r trying to grind but it won't let us join each other

Edward Burton

Your question is quite specific. Try to reach out to Rockstar Games customer service by email at


Why are some players see-through and cannot be killed I find this unfair to other players and it should be patched


Lost item

I randomly lost my deluxo I had it one day and the got on the next and it wasn’t there My. email:


Y cant i sell the apocalypse sasquatche in the arena war shop

It gives me the option to do so when i do it just spawns me in the shop i walk out to see my truck still in the garage when i try to drive a vehicle out it kicks me right back out


I have been having trouble getting back onto gta 5 online

by ResoluteOyster349

It says that rockstar game services are unavabile right now my account name is planepurse92091


Release date

When is the official release date for GTA 6?


Lost vehicle

by EnergeticAnt328

I bought a karin karuma and it disappeared


Bought rdr2 and never received my 2m and it’s been 2 weeks or longer

by KnowledgeableRay

Could you give me a call and help me sort out my problem please and thank you!!!


Oppressor MK2?

by RegalCaimanLizard967

When I request my vehicle it says that it has been destroyed and I can't do anything about it how do I get it back?



by FlashyOtter

I want a refund on my terrobite


Gta 5

by OffbeatGlassLizard

How come I got put in bad sport for leaving 1 misson


Gta 5 money

I have brought a megladon shark card and on the loading screen it promised to give me 80% extra cash but I have not received my extra 6,400,000 dollars yet on gta 5 online could you help




pre-ordered red dead2 and didn't get my money on gtav:o

by FancyChinchilla

It has been 72 hours since my pre-order of read dead2 and i haven't gotten my money on gtav online



by SteadyAlbatross

How can I get my password


Lost deluxo

by ObsoletePug190

How come when I upgraded my mobile operation center while my car was in it I lost it


Won’t load

Why is it every time I try to load my game it gets to the load screen then kicks me out to the main screen


Gta5 Ps4

by SlimPointer

I can’t hear or talk to anybody in the lobby can anybody help me?


Question about gta account

by ModernCoral

I dont know how to become a ceo


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