During the week of November 12-18 I was alerted by gta5 online that if I play by November 18 I'd receive 1million plus another 1million bonus I'm writing this report to complain that I didn't get that two million and to clarify that I stopped all of my businesses that I was using to save up for the titan aircraft. I'd like to get that 2million because it was advertised but nothing happened I've now waited days over the given 72.

Aside of my complaint I'd also like to add that if there is a bug fix it ASAP please and if you could not actually give the 2mill you shouldn't have been false advertising.

I'm being very calm though disappointed due to my now looming debt to the game as my money keeps vanishing from my account not long after receiving if you could resolve this issue in the plane itself that would be fantastic otherwise the two million is ok as well. My Xbox is Soldier097#9515 if this helps

User's recommendation: Be cautious about any big events during rockstar gta5 online because it might drop you in the end or rewards may become extremely late.

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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