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I was delivering *** and cocaine and both times my delivery vehicles got stuck on something stupid and I couldn't get it off the first time was in cocaine with the garbage truck they give you I tried to go up a little hill. About five feet of pretty flat hill and the back tire got stuck on a rock the size of a foot ball and instead of the game just moving the truck onto the road it was destroyed.

The second time on the same day I tried delivering *** in the big semi truck and it was snowing I was approaching a high way but and to go down a to the right it was a sharp trun and I was going pretty fast so I flew off and got stuck in the litte area on the highway but theres grass in it and a devider stump about an inch tall U tried to back up over it and if course the back wheel got stuck on it after about three minutes of trying to fix it. The shipment was destroyed. That was a million dollars lost in about thirty minutes because rockstar cant just put you back on the riad or make the delivery vehicles you cant upgrade a little better. In short I lost a million dollars ti a rock and a divider next to a high way.

Seriously the game is a big enough grind as it is you dont need to make it almost impossible to deliver to if other players were messing with me in that thing I wouldn't stand a chance. This happened a month or two ago but come on rockstar that was dumb.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Video Game.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Lodi, California

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Sounds like a really useful pastime.

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