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He is modding and his name is CarFreak and I want him suspended

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Carfreak Profile.

Location: Dalton, Georgia

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Guess what?! Too damn bad!! You have to prove they are modding and you have no right to demand ANYTHING!! Omg!!

Such a loser!! And worst of all is you’re not even on a site that rockstar monitors!!!!!’ They won’t even know you made a LAUGHABLE demand. You’re NOT the internet police and you’re NOT a GM. Two things that make your demand so damn funny!!

So what that another player has done some modding, that’s their BS and doesn’t involve you in any way other then you’re butthurt that someone is getting away with something. There is a right way and a wrong way to report a player and you just did it all wrong. Try again and this time go to rockstars website and NOT a third party whine fest site.

Smh!!! You people just NEVER READ!!!

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