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I had purchased the wrong vehicle and I wanted to replace it but I did not know how to sell it, so I replaced the vehicle and I thought it would give me back my money in game but instead it took away the 3 million and gave me nothing, so I was wondering if I could get the 3 million back

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Video Game.

Reason of review: lost in game money.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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No. No you can’t.

It’s a video game you child!! Just go out and grind some more money instead of looking for someone to fix the mistake YOU made. Take some accountability! Did GTA force you to purchase the wrong vehicle?

No, no they didn’t. Is GTA the one who made the mistakes? Once again, no. No they did not.

So since YOU made all the errors and mistakes, you somehow expect that they are just going to give you free in game currency? How can you think like that? Didn’t your parents teach you about accepting your mistakes with grace and maturity? Well I’m pretty sure I have the answer for that.

No, no they did not. Get over it and move on. Learn from the mistake. And maybe not show that your parents couldn’t raise you right by NOT posting your inane drivel over a video game.

Besides, you’re not even on a site that the devs of GTA monitor.

So your begging on a website that literally has jack squat to do with the game you want to whine about. Immature AND not very smart.

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