I woke up this morning after the update and all my my facilities gone by bunkers gone my hangers gone my my biker bars gone all the apartments I only have two apartments left and I had all my Apartments my lowrider collection is gone I had a complete lowrider collection I had almost every vehicle on there I had two tanks planes everything it's all gone my yacht is gone everything is gone please help me I paid cash for the Shark cards and I worked very hard and all the missions you could check my records I've done all the missions please help give me my stuff back sincerely Greg Nicholson

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Yo I'm the *** pissed mad as *** y'all playing with peoples money clearly it says on the June 8 I bought a shark card worth 100 dollas for 8million dollas then the following Monday I bought 85 dollars worth cause y'all had a 15% off for 8million and the June 11 I went to sleep wit every I had the next day I didn't have non of the stuff I bought with my 16million is all the gone I'm only left wit two apartments I didn't cheat to get that 16 million dollars you check with PlayStation Network and they will tell you I bought that 16million with my money from my real bank account I feel like y'all rob me of my *** money all this *** happen with in a week time period of me buying the shark cards this crazy how y'all have numbers for ppl to reach y'all and the numbers don't work I only play gta5 online i don't play no other game plus I'm a plus member but y'all still took my money either y'all refund me my 185 dollars back or give me what y'all took from me I never got a reason why y'all took all my *** from me that I work so hard for n since y'all or Playstation don't want to give me money back cause I got two receipts of the 16million I bought through PlayStation to play online with my username is yungdiggiemang I been calling PlayStation Network all week since I can't reach y'all bout why y'all stole my money from me without any warning on why y'all did that I'm tired of this *** if I don't get my money back or y'all don't return what y'all stole from me you or Playstation network will be hearing from my lawyer cause I got proof that I bought the 16million I got PlayStation Network repceipts in my Gmail on the days I bought the two separate 8million dollas n I'm not waiting months til y'all feel like replying back to me time is my *** money y'all playing with my money my email is roydapoet@***.com so it would be respectful if someone gets in touch with me asap tf I'm not finna spend 200 more dollars on shark cards that I already purchased and with in a week of me buying the shark cards y'all stole everything from me my houses now ionly got two my cars my tanks u took alot from my character that ibeen working for all the way up to me buying those shark cards then y'all rob me of everything n not tell me why y'all did so


Same here

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