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Modders on the ps3 version have teleported me to them and done all sorts of other things I dont know what. I picked up a bunch of money bags in a split second and then someone blew me up and then the game kept trying to load me into a new game and it crashed.

When I got back in I had 500,000$ in my pocket. So, I tried to find him to report it but couldnt he covered his tracks. So I just put it in my bank and spent it all as fast as I could so it could just be gone because I didnt know what else to do Rockstar doesnt answer often about issues on ps3 because its so old, outdated, and its basically full of communism now considering how much control all those modders have over the game and its players. With all the teleporting, killing, and a lot more.

Now I sit in a lobby being the new guy again halfway to level 2!! And thats my fault why???

User's recommendation: Don’t Use GTAV On Ps3 or Xbox360!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Preferred solution: I would greatly appreciate getting back my rp that I DID earn and to leave out the rp I DIDNT earn. I am now level one again and have been playing a lot longer than that..

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