Rockstar goes out of it's way to give customers no redress for complaints. It also has a circular loop to stop anyone being able to submit a support ticket.

The Red Dead Online connectivity issues (esp the 20010004 and 20010006 network errors) have been around since the game debuted, and have never been addressed.

Suggestions from Rockstar's cookie cutter "help" pages (that don't help) include such old buck shifting chestnuts as forwarding ports, updating graphics drivers (a sure fire way to fix NETWORK issues, right?) and rebooting your router. Never mind the fact ports are already opened, drivers are up to date and there's a command prompt running a constant ping to ensure connectivity running in another window demonstarting the fact I have a perfectly viable network connection to everything except the game I payed $100 for.

You'd think a company with the income and resurces. Rockstar has would be able to find some kind of budget to have SOMEONE working on 18 month old problems, but no, they're too busy designing the next hat they can sell as a microtransaction to anyone lucky enough to be able to log in and play.Clapping

User's recommendation: Seek refunds on any rockstar titles you already own, and don't buy anything off them in future. They deserve to go broke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Game.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Rockstar Games Cons: No support.

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