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I completed all the missions for the casino heist... All the boring ones that finally add up to a decent take in the end...

But this time I had done all the missions every single one... Then I logged in next day.. And all the missions came up as if I had not done any at all.. That's at least 1mil of progress down the drain for nothing...

1 whole day of doing heist set-ups for nothing... I told rock star what had happened. Their reply was Check your Internet settings.. Well I had Internet the whole time I was playing, and they're telling me that their game couldn't save any of the missions I've done while still allowing me to play online..

Just not save any progress. And then be told that they won't be doing anything about it.. Just to check my settings to not let it happen again... I'd appreciate it if at least they could either change the progress on my account to show all the missions on the heist to be done...

Or to add 1 mil funds GTA money which is what I would have got from completing the heist that I would have already done today if all the missions hadn't been refreshed. Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Account.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: GTA money 1 mill... Due to servers not saving my hard work and progress on the game. Or all the missions on the casino heist to show as being completed.. I'm being fair. I just want back the progress I've done myself. .

Location: Birmingham, England

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