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Update by user Apr 21, 2021

4/19/2021 I spent $2mill on The Areana War Facility and Can't use because it froze each time I brought up mission. If it cant be fixed I would like a refund on the purchase. 2nd my Rockstar social club crew UNDEADx GHOST RIDERS emblem don't workUser's recommendation: $3mill Spent on Arena War And fails to precede with missions.

Update by user Apr 21, 2021

so when it says show the amount of money you lost in GTA V it only lets me do the hundred thousands when I lost $2 million dollars. how this happened was that I on the 19th of April 2021 I had made more than $2,000,000.00 but don't worry about the rest I mean getting to the point I had spent $2mill on April 20th 2021 in the morning on Arena War FacilityAnd Arena War Facility fails to proceed on gameboard setup for missions it usually freezes up but this is the first time its now shown that the game understands there is an error or a problem and that means I've wasted $2mill on something that doesn't work.The other thing is Rock star games Social club I made a crew 2 times my first crew was SP00KY GHOST and my Second was UNDEADx GHOST RIDERS when making crew emblems only 2 emblems I've made only ever worked I made more than 10 because I wanted to make it better and when publishing it says its been successfully saved and published and it hasn't appeared over weeks ends so I deleted the blank images that were published and retried reloading the page and the game itself too and still hasn't worked

Update by user Apr 21, 2021

Rockstar Games - I on the 19th of April had made $2mill and on the 20th choose to spend it on Arena War Facility and it fails to precede with mission, the money was wasted on something that wont work.

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I Spent $2mill on Arena War Facility and fails to proceed with game board mission setups the setups freezes and stops working and then kicks you out for 2mill dollar purchase it was a waste on something that doesn't work

another thing to add is the Rockstar games social clubs my crew emblem I've published several times saying its successfully published but its been weeks sense it's been published and it still doesn't upload image but a white screen

User's recommendation: change how much you give back to customers it doesn't give back a million.

Monetary Loss: $200000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rockstar Games Pros: Gta v is fun to play, Casino daily rewards are worth spinning the wheel, Missions are fun, Online players are very nice if you look in the right place, Monthly rewards are nice to get, Until someone contacts me there are no pros, Great game too many bugs, Great story lines, Make good games, Fun to play, Daily rewards are fun, Monthly rewards are awesome.

Rockstar Games Cons: Rockstar games social club crew emblems makings, Say they successfully published but its been a week nothing but, White image and i spent 2mill on arena war facility that fails, To proceed setups missions on gameboard they freeze up, And cause errors and was a waste of 2mill for something not work, It takes long for someone to come and help, Not getting my bonus, Everything you stole my account twice, Nothing much expect for little issues with shark cards, Suck at costumer service, Put in bad sport for defending myself, Loosing over 2 years of the gaming grind to get to where i was.

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