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when I got into a new session someone stole and replaced 1 million dollars from me and everyone in the session. as I saw everyone was complaining they had money stolen from them.

also when I changed into another session again me and everyone else were blown so many times I had a hard time getting into a 3rd new session. when I finally did someone was complaining that he had a twin in the session. someone who looked exactly like him. and what that happened I went to my bunker and tried to log on to my computer it said " your computer is blocked due to your recent bad behavior" when I DIDNT do anything wrong and its NOT FAIR that im blocked from my game.

I didn't do anything!

guys name was Dirty_Dan_Stan_666 who was the one modding and killed us and stole money and kept blowing up us so we couldn't even play in a session. and somehow it was my fault and bad on my record.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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