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My Read Dead Redemption 2 online player/character was deleted and my Character was reset, the same thing has happend with my GTA 5 online character and I need to get both character data and progress back because I have put a lot of money into these two games. My Read Dead characters player name is Bill Murdoch and my GTA 5 player name is Billy Murdoch or Bill Murdoch, I was over player rank 200 in gta online and player rank 190 something in Read Dead Online and I have Also lost all story mode progress in both games as well as all my items in the online versions and all my vehicles in GTA online and my fifteen thousand hard grinded dollars in Read Dead online and all my properties in GTA online/businesses and weapons and clothing as well as in Read Dead online,so is there a possibility you can contact me and let me explain more on my horrible situation. My email is billy.murdoch2806@***.com my xbox profile is BreakingBill123 and please rockstar i love gta five and read dead redemption two and i have put so much time into both games and i really want to continue were i left off in both online games.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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