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just got banned after i reported a cheater in game after they dropped a *** ton of cash on me. i am now permanently banned and cant appeal it.

I dont know what else to put here. the first time i got banned for a week, the second time i got banned for a month. every time after i report an actual hacker. they wont provide me with proof which is ***.

so now i have a $60 game that i cant access all the features of over this ***. i have it on pc and xbox one. i have been banned off the pc version which i played more.

i can still play the xbox version. im sure i will be banned for no reason off this platform as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Reason of review: unfair ban.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: unban my account.

Rockstar Games Cons: Poor customer service hackers.

Location: 4, 622 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA

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i had a hacker on my play station 3 the person is wpgbcan a girl and this person hacked my rank and my cars houses my rank296 down to 1 now whin i try to go online i go to story mold it.rock star games comp sucks.i well never buy a game from them . i play on my comuputer it sucks the hackers moders make the game bad


Yeah I had io bits advanced system care and defrag. It flagged them as cheat programs. So I have a $60 game I can’t play online.


This happened to me as well. After Rockstar Games said there was nothing causing bans from third-party programs like Skype and Discord, despite over a million players saying that it was the cause.

Oh. And I was perm banned on my second ban. After reporting 4 cheaters and killing one several times. This was also right after I got a 5000$ laptop because I couldn't run the game on my old computer anymore.

On Christmas Night. Yeah. Awesome. And just like you, they won't give me a reason why, I call them twice, both times they reread my ticket back to me and say they can't do anything else to help me.

"Is there any thing else we can help you with?" Well, no, I guess not since you literally just told me you can't help me with the only game I have that I could possibly need help with. I'm looking up a global unban petition now.

If I don't find one, then I'll make one. Because this is ridiculous and literally unconstitutional.


$5,000 laptop? Yeah, right, keep dreaming.


Lol "literally unconstitutional"

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