I was playing gta online minding my own business and this player named |Azzxssinz| came at me with an oppressor mk2 so I jumped out of my car and shot him doing no damage. When he killed me i respawned and tried sniping him doing no damage again.

Thats when I noticed something was weird so I tried ignoring him and went to finish my mission. He proceeded to follow me and started killing me over and over. He killed me through walls and containers over massive distances. I have multiple clips of him doing all this and a clip of me shooting him with a combat mg and multiple homing rockets doing absolutely no damage.

I just want him to be banned for life because Im not the type to just assume everyone is hacking but this guy was just so obvious. He was killing everyone in the lobby raising his kd over .60 in under 30 minutes.

If you need proof of all this I recorded many game clips my account name is Mclechazo that will be all the proofs you need. I even went to spectate him and he just switched my camera so I couldnt see what he was doing.

Rockstar Games Pros: Amazing game, Fun, Fun never get bored, Hilarious content.

Rockstar Games Cons: Too many bugs, Everything cost so much money, Hacker.

Location: Guaynabo, Guaynabo

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