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Rockstar games put first person view on the xbox one and the PS4, But the xbox 360 and the PS3 dont have first person view and the other stuff they added. All of my friends are all mad because of this and i want and other poeple want the first person view the other stuff the added. why is this happening, i dont want to spend more money just to get a xbox one or Ps4 of first person view i dont want to do that. the xbox 360 and PS3 was the system's that GTAV came on, dont you think that you should add this stuff on the xbox 360 and ps3.

Thank you


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rockstar Games Cons: Gta first person view.

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PS3 and X360 are eight(?) year old hardware, its amazing how they could get the game to look so good at its current state but honestly it wouldn't work. The PS4 and XOne have better performance, and in turn better resolution, better frame rate, and better assets.

The PS3 and X360 need to use lower quality textures and models, which look alright from afar (in third person) but will look pixilated and blocky from up close.

I'm betting Rock star didn't remake the rendering engine to work w/ first person, so they're probably still working with the current rendering engine. Also, its a feature to sell more PS4s and XOnes, they're not obligated to give you the feature, it sucks but oh well.