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I bought the GTA IV game for my computer. I'm not much of a gamer.

The only other "game" I've ever purchased is Flight Simulator, which was actually used as a training aid while I was in flight school. I first attempted to install this game on a computer with no internet access. I got the game installed, but in order to activate it for use, I had to find an internet connection and enter the game's serial number in order to get an "unlock code" to enter for activation. I did this, and got a pop-up window that informed me the activation was complete.

However, whenever I tried to run the game, it kept bringing up the activation window, and would not proceed past it. I contacted their support team for assistance. I tried everything they recommended, all to no avail. Finally, after 3 weeks, I gave up and tried to install the game on a different computer which had internet access.

This time, it wouldn't even allow me to install the game. The license agreement window popped up, I clicked on "accept" (the licensing terms) and then it just kept popping that same window over and over, never proceeding to the next step of installation. In checking online forums, this is apparently a very common problem.

Due to the terms of the sales contracts they (rockstar games) have with the retailers that sell them, I can't even exchange the game for something else.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Rockstar please help me thank you I don't know what's going on it's saying I'm damn time that out I am trying to

@gary t Wmm

How long does it take for them to fix it cuz it it sucks that I am in the Pacific Bank Standard Bank and I'm in the safe area and I and I'm on story mode I can't find you download I want to play GTA online cuz it famous :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-):-[

@gary t Wmm

I hope it works

@gary t Wmm

Are you still there


I would like you for a friend I don't have no friends probably please please please please

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