I am in my 3rd ban . This ban I am accused of modding , hacking ,and glitching .

I have never ran any programs in GTA 5 pc version or any other games what so ever . Rockstar community support and phone support will not listen at all they still say I run mods . On online community support all they do is keep wanting to see my stats . I keep telling them I am looking to have the ban lifted and they won't go any further to resolve it .Seems to me rockstar will not admit any wrong doing on there part ,they even twist things up on online support saying I am threatening them .

What is wrong with them . 3/9/2016 is the ban date for 10 days for doing nothing . On phone calls to support im put on hold for hours or I give up and hang up . The community online support keeps banning me because they feel they are wrong and ban me there .

4 accounts are banned . I have not modded or hacked in any game even GTA 5 .

Reason of review: Accused of hacking.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rockstar Games Cons: Community support or phone support and cheaters.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Same here mate I've just got banned for Second time and I wasn't even on it and I don't *** or cheat in anyway


I feel ya, I got banned for selling cars as my 3rd ban on gta online

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