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I cannot enjoy the game that keeps happening every time i go online with other on line players keep killing me for no reason...I don't agree I don't appreciate I don't approve of it...the game supposed to work together with players not against each other...It should have more missions on the game instead of giving points and money to the other online players for killing for killing the other online players...red dead redemption 2 samething happens...it's a good game defeating others online players I don't want to...

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Online services I don't agree to getting killed online other players...this is not street fighter or mortal combat...fighting killing each other is not how it goes as soon as i start online they shooting me down,airstrike to kill me,run me over but never turn on me when playing a mission...that's odd...

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Video Game.

Preferred solution: Other online players keep killing me why?....

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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