Good evening I'm Marlonjackson36@***.com. I want to file a complaint and warn Rockstar of the violations of the constitution rights of players.

GTA 5 was created for Adults only due to the content of the game. Language is # 1 there's cussing throughout the game . Not only by players but in the game itself. They have underage children playing GTA 5.

Me as an 47 year old adult witnessed these violations. I also witnessed friends accounts being suspended a huge violation due to the game itself has cussing throughout the game not only by players. As an adult we cuss we do other things as adults. The game was created for Adults.

If I was to bring this matter to the court. I will also bring the game disk I have to show the courts the violations and all of the player's who accounts been suspended when cussing is throughout the game. Also there's underage children playing the game.

So I'm requesting that all suspended accounts be removed and that Rockstar investigate GTA 5 and that all minors are band from the game and also that Ghost Mode be removed from the game. If not I will be forced to file suit in behalf of myself and other players who accounts have been suspended.

User's recommendation: That Rockstar return all suspended accounts and that All minor players are removed and banned from playing GTA5.

Location: Brandon, Mississippi

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