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My characters have disappeared .

Ive been on this game for four years and reach level 380+ An Have another character that may have been around at least double 70+ and Im very much annoyed.

I had a lot of buildings and all businesses , as with cars etc . I put lot of hours into the game.

I have been working so much lately and have not been able to come on so only just realised the problem . my children however do use the PlayStation but wont say if anything is up as they are very young.

Before this I have had every GTA game available on all ps consoles and always as soon as released from PS1 , 2 ,3 ,4 . So have always been a gta supporter. Spending a considerable amount of money!

And there is no way I would want to start from level one on the game again.

if not the game will be irrelevant to me I will not continue to follow the sequel which is disappointing.

Everytime I try to load online it keeps sending me back to character selection.

why is this ? can you please sort it immediately I would be much appreciated thanks.

My 10-year-old may have done this but obviously will not admit it in case she gets in trouble I have tried talking to her since I received the message you sent me but four years worth of playing seems a little bit far-fetched to take away everything that I had in the game especially when I owned all buildings anywayPlease please help me I am practically begging you as this is the only PS for console game I will play

Kind regards

Mr Louis mclelland

Preferred solution: Please return my characters and the content I already purchased.

Rockstar Games Pros: Very fun and addictive game.

Rockstar Games Cons: No cons.

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Looks like you cheated money and they reset you. Stop lying and passing blame to your kids. What kind of ignorant coward are you?

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