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CAVEAT : Do not buy (akula,khanjali,rogue,hunter, avenger) save your cash , v65 molotok flight model is bugged rockstar knows it and refuses to fix it, akula flight model unstable bugged rockstar knows it and refuses to fix it, rogue flight model is bugged and unstable rockstar knows it and refuses to fix it, engines will fail randomly and you will explode randomly (either bugged or hacked either way ineffective and unplayable to a certain extent) i see this as a way to exploit younger players who would not notice blatantly coded dysfunction and would be prompted to spend more money. they obviously dont test their ingame vehicles either that or they are intentionally allowing them to be disadvantaged against the more expensive lazer etc.

and generate profit via shark card sales. avenger and khanjali tank cannot be sold and avenger cannot be used with the criminal damage event. khanjali tank when 100% armor upgraded can be killed with 1 homing missile, the v65, akula, hunter and rogue as well (a known bug they have chosen to ignore in the interest of profit). rogue , akula, hunter, v65 molotok missiles will not lock when you are engaged by other aircraft specifically hydra and the lazer, missiles will only target player vehicles and only will target mission vehicles when your just outside rotor diameter yep thats right costing you money when they/you are destroyed the APC is bugged driver can be killed with 1 shot through the front left side wheel well specifically when using shotgun, the glass is not armored you can easily be headshotted through the windows anywhere on the vehicle when i brought these issues to the attention of rockstar they asked that i send a "private video" of the dysfunction so that the public would not know and they could continue to defraud their players by selling these bugged items without the intent of fixing them or returning the funds used to buy these misrepresented vehicles, these vehicles were sold minutes after buying them when the obvious became intolerable.

they have also tried to forcefully resell these items to me numerous times prompting me to rebuy them and provide video to them. and continually responding with canned responses to my support tickets because "unfortunately it is not possible to refund ingame any currency spent ingame and it is not possible to restore sold vehicles ingame" yet these options are presented in the ticket form. they have thus so far not even attempted to offer a solution or fix to any of the mentioned issues. i would recommend everyone do some research on ALL ingame vehicles before purchase and definitely do not waste your(or your parents) hard earned cash on shark cards for them it seems very obvious what this game has become and how the corporation that produced this "game" conduct business, they allow money modders and car dupes to run rampant even livestreaming their activities unchecked a simple google search can yield hundreds of undetected mods and hacks allowed by rockstar and take two because it makes them money when honest players have to try to compete with these dishonest players business is good isnt it rockstar?

since this post probably wont be allowed to remain long i will repost it on ALL social media sites: facebook, twitter, reddit, ripoffreports, pissedconsumer and any other venue i shall find appropriate etc. in hopes at least it will reach a few players and provide some benefit and information. p.s. see you in court r* take2int.

and enjoy your trip and legal expenses as your cost will vastly outweight the simple ingame refund i asked for in good faith XD. for me principle is worth any cost i may incur.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockstar Games Video Game.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rockstar Games Cons: Canned bot responses and broken game, Rampant hacking and exploiting at the cost of honest players.

Location: 4, 622 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA

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I concur, as I purchased the Akula in September of 2018 being unaware that the combination upgrades on the Akula rendered the homing missiles useless (twin 50 caliber turrets and homing missiles combination upgrades). RockStar is apparently aware of the issue but doesnt refund the purchase and hasnt resolved the issue for several weeks (months?).

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